Privacy Policy

How do we keep personal information secure?
Our promise is that we will do everything in our power to handle your personal information with the highest levels of integrity. We want to keep your information safe, but we also want people who are part of this church to have access to appropriate information that will facilitate community. We have entrusted the technical aspects of data security to reputable third party hosts that meet or exceed industry standards in the field.

How do we collect information?
We only collect personal and contact information that is offered by you, the individual. If you don’t give it to us, then we don’t have and won’t try to get it.

Why do we collect personal and contact information?
First, we collect this information because we believe it is critical to our efforts to grow a culture of relationship and community. If no one can get in touch with one another, then it becomes nearly impossible to be there for one another. Second, we want to do our best to help you be aware of events and resources that will nurture your faith. Third, we are required by federal law to collect certain contact information from anyone who makes donations to Westover.

What do we do with contact information that we have collected?
We don’t share or sell contact information! Your contact information is shared within our organization and we make every effort to ensure your personal data is only shared within our secure online church management system (Realm).

What control do you have over how your information is shared?
The default privacy settings we assign to records in our system is that your name and email address is available to everyone in our church, your phone number and birth month/date are available to everyone in your groups (i.e., Growth Group, Care Group, Zone, or Ministry Team). The above information, plus your physical address and full date of birth, is available to church staff, elders, and group leaders. However, you can fully control who has access to your contact information by logging into your Realm account. If you need assistance logging into your Realm account, please email

Are there any circumstances in which we would share your information?
The only exceptions to our commitment to not share personal and contact information is if we are compelled through applicable law, rule, regulation, or other legal process.