Locally in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Working alongside churches like North Austin Christian Church, Travis Heights Christian Outreach, and South Church to serve in our city.


Iranian Church at Westover

The Iranian Church at Westover meets every Sunday to worship in both English and Farsi. For over 20 years Christians with a middle-eastern heritage have been lifting up Christ with the rest of the Westover church family.

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InKind is a non-profit organization associated with Westover committed to sharing hope in seasons of struggle. We have been dedicated to this ministry since 1997, offering school assistance programs, baby baskets, crisis ministry, and life coaching programs.

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Across the Globe

Westover supports ministries across the world, sending funds, supplies,
and people to serve and spread the Word of Jesus.


World Bible School

World Bible School is an international mission program that partners members of local churches with individuals all over the globe who have a desire to hear the story of Jesus.

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Olive Branch Ministries International

OLIVE BRANCH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL has over 15 years of serving and helping people around the world. Our organization works together with volunteers from different states and countries in order to provide health care and/or spiritual guidance to people in need. We currently have 06 mission trips a year and we work mainly in Nicaragua and Peru.

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Let's Start Talking

Since 1980, the LET’S START TALKING MINISTRY has been leading Americans overseas into non-English speaking countries and providing them with an effective method for sharing their faith.

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Honduras Mission

For the past 14 years, the people of Honduras have been our family. Traveling there each year with groups, both big and small, we’ve grown close to a community of Christians and non-Christians alike, sharing our love and blessings together.

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